Groupon and photo booth rental

You may have seen “Say Cheese Photo Booth” advertised on Groupon, however it is not our company. Say Cheese is a family owned and operated company based in Greater Cincinnati. We are not a franchise. Unfortunately, other companies have been using our trademarked name and it has created confusion among shoppers. In fact, I have personally taken more than a few calls in the last year from people looking to rent photo booths in other markets we do not provide service to. Also, we have provided a few “last minute” photo booth rentals for couples who lost money on a Groupon deal with their contracted photo booth company due to availability issues.




This post is NOT to bash Groupon, Living Social, or similar sites; rather to simply clear some confusion. That said, it behooves the customer to do his or her research and read terms and conditons. Terms and conditions are not bad. We have them. All companies have them. Just know what you’re signing up for. For example, the photo above represents the screen shot of a current ad (as of this posting) wherin the fine print states that the “promotional value expires 90 days after purchase”. This may be a problem if you buy the coupon / certificate today, yet redeem it more than 90 days after purchase, at which time you may have to pay a remaining pro-rated amount (full price minus the discount). At least that’s how I interpret the ad’s language. This situation can become commonplace if you are buying a product or service today and your wedding or coporate event is still months off.

Groupon and Living Social are both established and successful web sites that connect shoppers with bargain deals. It’s just not our cup of tea for advertising. You won’t find the real Say Cheese there.

Want the Real Say Cheese?

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