Will my guests get a copy?
Yes! All of our photo booths print TWO photo strips by default. The number of photo strip prints per session varies by package, ranging from 2-8. 4x6 formatted photos are available as well.

Can I rent just the photo booth?
Yes, packages 1 and 2 are "drop off" options, with no attendant present.

Can I provide my own scrapbook?
Absolutely! In fact, our attendant will still create the book for you!

Can I personalize my photo strips?
Yes! We can create a graphic and/or text to match the theme and colors of your wedding, party, or corporate event. We can even format a ready-made image that you or another professional created.

Do I need an attendant?
Packages 1 and 2 come without an attendant. If you graduated 2nd grade, you can operate the photo booths. 

Can the booth be placed outdoors?
Yes. However, the booth must be on level ground (preferably a paved area) and covered by a roof or tent, and have access to electric within 50 feet.

Can you bring the booth to my house?
Yes. This is especially popular for graduation parties and holiday gatherings! Deliverability to a residential area must be ensured and the booth must be placed on level ground in a covered area. Other conditions may apply.

How do I pay for my booth?
We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express), checks, and PayPal.

What if we want additional time?
Additional time is available upon request. Just notify your attendant. Please note that payment is required at the time of the request. By default, the credit card associated with the service agreement on file will be charged. Otherwise, a personal check can be made and given to the attendant

Can the booth be moved during my event?
Absolutely! All 4 photo booth styles are designed for quick mobility. This is a great option for cocktail hours when the booth may be moved from one room to another.

Do you charge for down time when the booth is not in operation?
Yes, we charge $30/hr for "idle time/down time." We typically deliver your booth in advance of the start time for your reception or event. Down time/idle time applies when there is a break in service after we have started taking photos. For example, if we start taking photos at 6 PM and we are asked to stop for 1 hour at 7 PM and resume taking photos at 8 PM. In this case, a down time/idle time fee of $30.00 would apply from 7-8 PM.

How much is the deposit?
$50 to reserve your date, not 50% of the total rental cost upfront (...like some companies)

Do you charge for travel?
A $35 travel fee applies to any venue outside a 20 mile radius of downtown Cincinnati.

Do you provide a digital copy of the photos taken?
Yes, a Dropbox link containing all of your photos will be provided no later than 14 days after your reception or party. This makes for easy download and sharing with others.

How many photos will we get?
A typical 4-hour rental will yield 500 or more individual pictures. This number can vary depending upon the duration of rental, whether or not a graphic is placed on the bottom of the photo strips, and how many guests are present.

What is scrapbooking?
During your rental, the attendant will take one of the duplicate photo strips that print out and place it into your scrapbook. Your guests will then write a note next to their picture. The scrapbook will be completed by the end of the party and placed on your gift table (if provided).

How long in advance should I reserve my photo booth?
The sooner the better! Many of our customers reserve their photo booth six months or longer before the date of their wedding. We have multiple photo booths and we want to crash everyone's party, but we book quickly during the wedding season.

What regions do you provide service to?
We provide service to all areas within a 35 mile radius of downtown Cincinnati.

Do you have a privacy policy? 

Say Cheese DOES NOT share your personal information with any third party at any time. All photo booth pictures and any photo mosaics are property of Say Cheese and may be used for marketing purposes, unless specified by the client not to do so.