Patrick with Say Cheese Photo Booth

2 minutes of mistakes with Patrick and Say Cheese Photo Booth

Hello, I am Patrick. I am the "big cheese" behind Say Cheese Photo Booth. Actually, I am a little cheese, standing tall at 5 foot 7 inches. Here is a little dose of entertainment at my expense. This video represents a team effort to create a welcome video of sorts for our web site. I had the privilege of screwing up many times while trying to speak into a camera about our photo booth rental company.

Producing just 2 minutes of content was eye opening! I now have an even greater appreciation for the work that videographers do. I don't know the exact ratio between edit time and the "final cut", but I can tell you there is a lot of effort on the back end that you don't see. Everyone from actors to stage crew who work together to create productions at the Aronoff or Playhouse in the Park deserve a great deal of praise too. I can only imagine trying to remember hundreds of lines if you are a lead actor for instance. That's focus!

A special shout out to Ed Luft with Elegant Films, who helped to create all of our video content on the web site. In short, Ed knows his &@%*. He is a 5-time EMMY award winning producer and editor, working on various projects for Hallmark Entertainment such as "Alice in Wonderland" and "The Odyssey". He also served on the advisory board for the WB Network and played a key role in the syndication of "Seinfeld". Ed is no amateur, but I am when it comes to producing a picture perfect script.