General Questions

Say Cheese provides photo booth rentals to greater Cincinnati. Service to your exact location, along with any applicable travel charges are calculated during checkout.

A $50 deposit is needed to reserve your date. Payment must be made within 24 hours for the reservation to be confirmed. If payment is not made, the reservation will be voided automatically. Your deposit is also applied to your balance. Deposits are non-refundable, yet transferrable, subject to availability of a booth on the revised date.

No. An attendant is most helpful when making a scrapbook, as he or she will assemble that for you. An attendant is included with the “Cheesiest” package only.

Standard procedure is to deliver and set up your booth well before your guests arrive. Some circumstances (such as a “room flip” from ceremony to reception) dictate that the booth must be delivered closer to your event start time. Once inside the room, set up takes approximately 20 minutes. Logistics for delivery are usually not determined until the week of your event, as there are multiple rentals taking place that need to be coordinated.

Absolutely! In fact, our attendant (if applicable) will still create the book for you!

Yes. However, a number of conditions must be met. The booth must be on level ground (preferably a paved area) and covered by a solid roof or tent (at least an 8′ tall clearance) to both protect the booth from rain and maintain shade so that photos do not become “washed out”. Shade is also essential to prevent the booth from overheating and automatically shutting down during your rental. Access to electric within 50 feet is also needed. Finally, breezy conditions may prohibit a backdrop from being installed, as it may fall down, creating a safety hazard for guests. This determination will be made by Say Cheese upon delivery and set up.

In the vast majority of events, this is not necessary. However, Say Cheese will do its best to accommodate your request with some front end planning.

Yes, we charge $30/hr for “idle time/down time.” We typically deliver your booth in advance of the start time for your reception or event. Down time/idle time applies when there is a break in service after we have started taking photos. For example, if we start taking photos at 6 PM and we are asked to stop for 1 hour at 7 PM and resume taking photos at 8 PM. In this case, a down time/idle time fee of $30.00 would apply from 7-8 PM.

Yes, every package includes an online gallery of all photos, GIF’s, boomerangs, and videos captured. The entire gallery or individual files can be downloaded and shared with others.

A typical 4-hour rental will yield 500 or more individual pictures. This number can vary depending upon the duration of rental (if less than 4 hours), how many guests are present, and where your booth is placed. It’s best practice to place your booth inside the room for maximum exposure.

Yes. Our backdrops are 8′ wide x 8′ tall, so it’s recommended that your backdrop match or exceed those specs for optimum results. A matte finish is strongly recommended to eliminate the possibility for glare on photos. It’s also best practice to slightly tilt neon signs downward to eliminate glare as well. Up-front planning and communication with Say Cheese is essential to ensure your vision is a success.

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