Bridal shows in Cincinnati come in all sizes. For larger shows such as Bridalrama and Wendy’s, here are 3 quick tips to make the most of your time spent (from a seasoned vendor’s point of view).

1. Go with a small group. Going with your mother, future mother-in-law, besties, or any combination thereof provides several advantages:

  • “two heads are better than one” rings true here. More people = more perspectives. Your best friend might think of an important question that you overlooked. Also there are many distractions, so effective listening can be a challenge. Someone in your group may have caught that important detail when you smelled those wonderful cake samples next door.
  • split up and do some “reconnaissance”. The above mentioned bridal shows feature more than 100 vendors, so while you are talking to vendor A, your mother and best friend can be combing other aisles, looking for the next vendors to talk to on your short list. This saves time.

2. Pay attention to the schedule. Many bridal shows feature a fashion show or two during the duration of the main event. This is a great opportunity to grab extra time and attention from vendors. This leads to more meaningful conversation, wherein you can develop rapport with that photographer, DJ, or photo booth provider (hint, hint). Also, I can tell you from years of experience, that shows slow down during the last 30 minutes. Again, this means less competition with the crowd for the time and attention of vendors.

3. Be ready to book. Many vendors offer bridal show only specials. If you have already done some internet research to narrow your field of candidates, the bridal show offers a great opportunity to meet them in person to identify a possible working relationship. All things being equal, we humans like to associate and do business with others we feel good about. If a match or two has been made, take advantage of the savings.

Speaking of vendors, we know a bunch of ’em. We can help you narrow your list of candidates and provide some solid referrals. Here are just a few of dozens I am happy to recommend:

DJ – McFadden Music, DJ Toad,

Photographer – Daniel Michael, Pottinger Photography