Meet Mark Thesken, owner of Thesken Art and one of the most gifted people I’ve encountered. I recently had the pleaure of meeting Mark at the Newport Aquarium Bridal show after watching him craft a canvas masterpeice depicting a bride and groom in bright, vibrant colors in literally minutes. Mark’s talents are nothing short of incredible and they can be applied to virtually any event type and he has the resume to show it. Mark has brought his “live painting” or as some describe “speed painting” to numerous charities, NASCAR, the Reds and Bengals organizations, NFL, US Army, and churches around the country.

Now it’s onto weddings and it seems the ideas for application are as numerous as Mark’s pallet of colors. For starters, you could hire Mark for either your ceremony or reception; both are a good fit. Brides and grooms can honor a special person (alive or deceased) in the family with a live painting. The bridal party can suprise the bride and groom with an impromptu painting, one that makes for the perfect wedding gift. Can you say custom?! Or maybe Mark can create his magic during a toast. However you scheme it, Mark will mesmerize your guests and create art that will connect on a deep level with everyone in the room! I can’t help but think this will become a growing trend in weddings. Give Mark a call or text at 513.259.7788 or email at:

Thesken ART Wedding from Lattire Films on Vimeo.