At Say Cheese, we are NOT photographers. In fact, I would sooner mistake “aperture” on a camera with a term I learned in anatomy class. Photography is an art and while there are many “photographers” out there, Brenda Pottinger has always struck me as a qualified, astute professional at her craft. She knows what she is doing, is thorough about her process, and as you’ll learn, she is adept at looking for and capturing the “we did it” kind of moments on your big day. Below is a Q&A with Brenda so you can get to know her as you shop your photography options.

*What is your background? *

What if you could stop time and hold it in your hand? I heard that I could
have super powers when I was a kid and so I knew photography was for me! I
started taking photos very young with an old girl scout camera. My father
taught me the rules of photography and composition and we used to go out on
the weekends on a photo adventure. From old cemeteries to Civil War
reenactments to dawn at the Downs (at Churchill Downs) we always had fun
practicing photography. In high school I took two newspaper classes and
learned how to develop photos in the darkroom. In college I fell in love
with art graphic design and decided to take my minor in photography and
upgrade it to a major in art. I also majored in Mass Communications.
throughout my life, photography has always been there. Even with graphic
design I would use my own photographs to create ad pieces and designs.

*When did you first realize you wanted to work with weddings?*

After photographing a few smaller weddings I was hooked. I loved that
wedding photography now was an art form. We could create something that our
brides would pass on and share with the friends and family and be proud to
hang on their walls.

*How long have you been in business? Where are you located?*

We have photographed weddings for more than 10 years! After focusing on
growing our business and building our client base I went full time about 8
years ago. We are located in the Northern Kentucky area and we travel all
over the country for weddings.

*Why did you start your business?*

We started our business because we love photography. Wedding photography is
a creative art form that means so much to so many people. I love when at
the end of the night the bride gives us a hug and says they couldn’t have
done it without us or that we are their favorite vendor. We try to make our
job look easy but there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. From
preparing a custom photo timeline to helping out on the day of the wedding
in any way that we can. We have been known to help bustle dresses, move
dinner tables to get the dancing going, find spoons and uncover dishes when
caterers leave early and to do everything we can to make our couples have a
wonderful wedding day. We love that our couples have invited us to capture
their celebration! And the best compliment is that they recommend us to
their friends and family. And when the time comes, we love photographing
their newborns and first family photos!

*What is your favorite part of a wedding? *

I have two favorite parts! One is when the music is playing and doors open
and the bride walks in. Even after more than 100 weddings I still get
choked up! It is an emotional moment and you can just feel the excitement
in the air. Another favorite is right after the ceremony. I love it when
the couple recesses down the aisle and has a minute to themselves It often
results in the second married kiss. It is such a beautiful moment because
they know nobody is watching and they are officially married. They have the
– we did this- smile!

*Where do you go for inspiration?*

My favorite place to look for inspiration is in fashion magazines (Vanity
Fair, Vogue etc.) and art museums. I love finding classic compositions that
work well in contemporary settings.

*What are your favorite upcoming trends?*

I love that brides are thinking about unique locations for their
celebrations. They aren’t afraid to try a new location and make it their
own! New locations and surroundings are inspiring. I love going to a new
place and scouting for the best photo locations. If it is a location that I
am not familiar with I often get to the location early to make a game plan
so we can move quickly during the day.

*Do you have any new favorite products?*

Our new bamboo prints are a great way to display beautiful photographs on
a renewable source. It looks amazing on outdoor photographs because the
grain of the bamboo shows through in the lighter areas of the photograph.

*Anything else you want to share with us?*

We are excited for our 2015 weddings and we can’t wait to capture
the moments of their story!

Pottinger Photography