One of my favorite aspects of participating in a bridal show includes the prospect of meeting new vendors and networking with them. Recently, I spent time with Amy Brewer and Elizabeth Duffy at last Sunday’s “A Bridal Affair” show at the Carriage House in Mason (beautiful new venue by the way!)  They are two local consultants for Rodan+Fields, creators of the wildly successful ProActiv line of skin care that fights acne.

During some down time, we proceeded to talk about properly caring for our skin, or my lack thereof. Being a guy, I don’t pay much attention to my skin other than using moisturizer when it’s dry and applying sun block. Being fair skinned, let’s just say the sun and I don’t get along real well. I need SPF “mud” in the summer. This is when Amy displayed a before and after picture on her phone, showing how this product line can really transform red, blotchy skin into a glowing testimony of true effectiveness – literally. With my male defenses down (and hopefully no one looking), I decided to take several samples home after Amy allowed me to try a Retinol and Vitamin C cream that felt awesome on my dry and ruddy Irish hands, totally unlike the Aveeno I use at home.

I got to play around with some other nifty tools, including a “Macro dermabrasion Exfoliator” which which cleans 5 million dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. That’s where the glow comes in. If you have every noticed how “smooth” your teeth feel after a professional cleaning, you can expect similar feeling with your skin after using this tool. The other tool I found fascinating is called the  “AMP Md”.  To quote Amy, “This is a genius tool that rolls across the skin leaving microscopic needle holes in the skin causing the creation of collagen to form and fill in where the roller has been…thus filling in the fine lines of aging”

Basically, all products for Rodan+Fields fit into one of four categories:

1. Soothe regimen – addresses concerns for those with sensitive skin. Great for people who battle rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, and other skin irritations

2. Unblemish regimen – treats adult acne

3. Reverse regimen – works to reverse the damage caused by the sun…dulling, brown spots, discoloration of the skin

4. Redefine regimen – fights fine lines and wrinkles to make skin firmer and younger looking

Brides, it goes without saying that you want to look stunning on your wedding day. If I was impressed with this product line enough to write a blog entry about it, then take it from a “dude” and check it out.

You can contact Amy at 937.469.0178 or visit her web site:

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