Vinoklet Winery

July 2006. The sun was setting on a summer evening. I distinctly remember being greeted by the sound of rushing water as I walked through a gorgeous vine enclosed trellis full of flowers and fragrance on my way to a friend’s rehearsal dinner. “Patrick, meet Vinoklet”. Prior to arriving, I had never heard of Vinoklet. No preconceived notions or expectations were in place, which made the first impression all the better. I fondly remember grilling my own steak atop a giant grill, sampling different wines (I didn’t even know wine could be made in Ohio) and walking around the lake while talking with friends. It was a unique experience I carry with me to this day. Vinoklet truly made for a memorable night!

Regardless of the season, Vinoklet’s ambiance will wow your senses without a even a drop of wine tasted. Imagine taking in a panoramic view of the vineyard set atop rolling hills from a beautiful gazebo or capping off dinner with great conversation around a huge bonfire. And if you like to drink local wine and grill your own food (you can order off the menu as well), the proverbial cherry will have been placed on top and you will walk home happy.

Vinoklet is located in Colerain Township, but you just might feel like you are somewhere else. To schedule a facility tour and learn more, contact Tracy at 513.385.9309 or visit