Daniel Michael

Wedding photographer and friend Daniel Michael is hosting free liquor tastings once a month for the remainder of 2018. Yes, I said free. He is opening up his office in the Reading Bridal District to past couples, fellow wedding vendors, and engaged couples. This is a great opportunity for you to meet the team in a casual atmosphere and possibly meet other vendors in the process!

Each month will feature a theme, with a variety of selections to choose from. For example, March will feature a myriad of moonshine. You are welcome to bring your drink (even if it’s not part of the that month’s theme), and other beverages like beer and wine will always be made available.

I have met many wedding vendors across all categories over the past 10 years, but none as generous as Daniel. He really does strive to make a connection with everyone, vendors and couples alike. For more info and to view the scheduled tastings, visit the Images by Daniel Michael Facebook page.

For more info about wedding photography, visit their web site.